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Ndumo and Tembe

Ndumo and Tembe

Ndumo is a small but spectacular park and something of a well kept secret. Proclaimed back in the 1920's, it is one of South Africa's oldest reserves and considered to be one of the finest in KwaZulu Natal. Tembe Elephant Park is just adjacent.


These parks are in a hot humid subtropical region just south of the Mozambique border and close to Swaziland. Ndumo is full of riverine floodplains fed by the Pongola and Usutu Rivers, and looks similar in places to Botswana's Okavango Delta. Large, attractive water pans are lined with giant fig trees and yellow-barked fever trees.

Unusually, both black and white rhino are found in Ndumo, plus buffalo, hippos, crocodile, giraffe and several antelope species. Its tropical climate gives rise to lush thick undergrowth, which makes some wildlife, particularly lion, leopard and hyena, hard to spot.

Conditions are perfect for attracting large numbers of birds and some people consider this to be the best bird watching in South Africa. It is the southern most range for several species and migrants also call in to boost sightings to over 400 species. You could be lucky enough to see the southern banded snake eagle, gorgeous bush shrike, Pel’s fishing owl and other rarely seen birds.

The sandvelt forest of this park next to Ndumo, contains about 100 or more elephants, brought from the Maputo Elephant Reserve during Mozambique's civil war. There are also white rhino and leopard.

Rainy Season: In this sub-tropical region the wet summer months from October to March are hot and humid.
Dry Season: The dry season lasts from April to September and the temperatures are very pleasant with warm to hot days and cooler nights.

· Both black and white rhino
· Ndumo Wilderness Camp in an area not open to the public
· Thick tropical forests
· Exceptionally good bird sightings

· Elephants
· Remoteness

This is a malarial area


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